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Money's tight, times are hard. We've all been there at one time or another. Ends just don't meet. You need a quick infusion of cash. Here are some easy money making ideas to put a few extra dollars in you pocket.

Fill a room or your garage with all the things you own that you don't use or can do without. If you don't already have a digital camera, borrow one and start photographing your things for sale on craigslist or eBay.

Don't overlook items you can replace later that are just gathering dust. The more you have to sell, the more chances you have to bring in some money.

You can also offer this as a service for others in your area. Post flyers around town noting how successful your auctions have been, include some photographs and your email address/contact info.

You can either list each product for a fee or take a percentage of the selling price.

If you have ever written anything in your life, even if it was a book report in grade school, dust off your wordsmiths skills and write. Short articles (350 words or so) on a popular or timely subject can earn you up to $ 20 at a site like

If you have the time, it's possible to write up to fifteen articles in an afternoon. You can then use them as the basis of a blog or website.

Use some of the money you earn from writing to buy a domain name and get a host for your new site (or blog).

Drop a few affiliate links or some advertising on it (check Google's Ad Sense program). If it starts to earn money, that's gravy, 'cause you already got paid from the sites listed above.
You can then sell it for a profit, usually about ten times its monthly average income.

Starting With Clickbank

Visit Affiliate sites like and find a product or two that relates to your site and offer it for sale to your visitors. If you really can't afford the domain fee or hosting fee, use a site like (I've heard that ‘transfer of ownership' of lenses is allowed by Squidoo's policies.)

You can use your previously written articles as the basis for these sites. Sell products or advertising on each one.

You only need to rewrite about 30% of the article in order for the search engines to think it is ‘unique.' You can easily hit 30% by rewording the introduction and conclusion and maybe one other paragraph.

Then, you can submit the ‘new' articles to free article directories linking back to your site to drive traffic. You can raise the popularity of your site and your articles with web 2.0 sites like Digg and StumbleUpon for more traffic.

With a little thought, and some work, you can create money online with these and other resources. Investigate thoroughly any claims that you can earn hundreds or thousands in a few days after ‘joining' a program.

It's best to keep your hand on your wallet while you check those offers out.

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