The Secret Key To Creating Wealth Online

Turn your old junk into a $ 10k a month online business… Part 4.

(A pauper's guide to getting started…)

Hi, Folks!

A very grand title for today's discussion. Previously, we looked at how to raise the funds necessary to start a business online by selling off all your old junk, either in the brick and mortar environment of the “Car Boot” or “Garage” Sale, or more likely, technophiles that we all are these day, online via eBay.

The premise seems straight forward enough. Gather up all the crap you have lying around the home that you no longer need, and give it renewed “value” by selling it off to create a small “pot of gold” that you can use to fund your affiliate marketing career, your forex investments, or whatever you have in mind.

The title of today's article refers not so much to any skillset you will have to learn, nor to a particular action or sequence of actions that you have to take.

The real key to success in starting up an online business is quite simply this… drum roll please… What you really have to master… is your own mind! Belief that you can succeed is the fundamental prerequisite for doing so.

Consider: There are numerous opportunities for starting up your own business, either land-based or in the virtual world of the internet. Many require huge sums of money to start-up, and then again many don't. What is most interesting, is that in all likelihood, we consider the most expensive options to be the safest.

Hmm! A retail, or restaurant franchise, in the real world requires a significant initial investment; bank loans, possible re-mortgaging of property and so forth. Yet somehow, because of the huge sums of money needed, the “perceived value” of the investment is so very, very high. It's understandable. Yet, despite the high risk and commitment required both time-wise, and in terms of cold hard cash, we favour such an investment over far less costly options.

The “rub” of course is that we therefore price ourselves out of the market! The safe option is so prohibitively expensive as to seem non-viable and we doom ourselves to the role of wage slave.

OK… Psychology 101, here goes: THE HUMAN MIND TENDS TO AVOID PAIN AND SEEK PLEASURE! In the above example, even though the “expensive” start-up option is considered to be the sure thing (by virtue of being so expensive), all but the most adventurous will avoid the risk altogether, in favour of the “pleasure” of complaining about our doomed existence as wage-slave. Yes, I did say “pleasure”. Ever heard the expression, “to have a GOOD moan?”

On the other hand, a low cost online business model such as the Maverick Moneymakers investment club, running for a decade already and successfully producing a new breed of affiliate marketeers under the expert guidance of Mack Michaels, seems so cheap by comparison as to be non-viable to many simply because the popular “belief” is that a business has to be expensive to have any chance of success, i.e. the $ 200 dollars you made selling off your stuff on eBay, which would amply cover the cost of signing up to such a risk-free proposal, could never IN YOUR OWN MIND produce the required result of a successful business.

AND…… If such a risk free investment paid off, and you actually started making money (is the sweat rolling down the back of your neck yet), you would lose the comfort of being able to moan and complain about having no opportunity to succeed, no hope of betterment, being stuck where you are. This concept will physically upset many people as their sub-conscious minds reject it out of hand. Are you such a person?

This really is fundamental. A low cost option can succeed. We have mentioned Maverick Moneymakers already. There are numerous other options. You can build a tremendous income online. You can do so starting with as little as $ 100. You can easily raise such a some of money selling your unwanted items on eBay or wherever. It all starts with the belief that you can do it, and WANTING to do it.

As soon as you want it, and believe it, that is when you will take action. Give it a try. The great secret of success in any endeavour be it great or small, is to be determined to succeed. Take action. Listen to good advice. Learn. Take more action. Repeat as necessary.

Tomorrow we will summarise all that we have discussed so far.

Till then,

Happy hunting!