What Will Drive Someone To A Business That Will Make Money On The Internet

This is a wonderful question and is different for everyone. Can it be money, revenge, or the thrill of competition or the disgust of your present way of life? It does have to be a strong and powerful force that keeps you on that road.

Whatever your motivation, you have to want it bad enough that you will be able to handle all types of discouragement. It's a good idea to look at those who have made it to the top, for all different reasons, yet all with strong determination.

Tiffany was raised by her grandmother. As the years progressed it was difficult for her to watch her grandmother and friends grow older and become more dependent. Tiffany as a mother herself gave computer classes to groups for elder ladies and opened their world.

Out of pure love she then developed an elderly computer program designed especially for this wonderful group. Needless to say, she herself has gained in everyway without even planning on it. She has donated millions to nursing homes and loves her flexibility.

Rachel left school at age 16, had two children and then her husband left her. She had a passion for selling vintage fabrics and clothes. With her babies by her side, she visited flea markets for items she could refinish.

She now runs a national line of slipcover furniture, bedding, home accessories, design books, a computer site and a line of home furnishing sold exclusively at Target stores. She followed her heart when others told her it could not happen.

Ruth was a struggling young single mom and so was her mother. She wanted more for her own children and other mothers out in the world. She had deep passion and she saw and felt their pain.

Being under-educated, with little money, she taught herself how to use a computer. She began a website for grocery coupons. Soon she realized she needed to build her site and learned HTML. The emails she received from others inspired her to a great success story.

One great way to drive someone to a business that will make money on the Internet is to tell them that there is no way they can do it. It's like, oh, yeah! I'll show you just how I can do it and become successful at it also.

I don't see how anyone could succeed without being totally excited about their product or service. Your mission has to be so specific that it burns from within. Sometimes if you are losing creative steam, leave the workplace and spend time alone to regroup, it works.